Manners and Etiquette


Doesn’t it disappoint you that nowadays, good manners and acts of kindness take people by surprise when ideally, these should come as naturally as breathing? No matter how differently we were raised, shouldn’t admirable social behavior prompt us to follow suit? I am positive that growing up, most of us did our fair share of messing up and causing adults around us to shake their heads at our choice of words and our actions. We learn (through reprimands or influence) not to repeat certain acts, acknowledge our mistakes, and be bold enough to make amends; however, there are still people our age or older who display offensive behavior and believe it’s acceptable. Why? Trying to come up with an answer will definitely take time. So instead of figuring out why certain people are the way they are, I decided to outline helpful tips for better behavior.

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Sweet Treats: The Bodyshop

Two of the many things I can’t resist have to be a good sale, and bath and body products. I find both especially useful for the holiday season, too. When the -ber months roll in, you know it’s time to brace yourself for the mad rush, more expenses, and less sleep. At least that’s how it usually is for me. Fortunately, we get a little (or a lot) help from mall-wide sales and holiday promos offered by our favorite brands.

I know a good bargain when I see one, and I get excited at the thought of spending less but getting more, which explains why I’m currently gushing over The Bodyshop‘s special holiday offer. It sure saved me time, money, and energy. I was just in SM Sta. Mesa with my mom and sister, searching for the perfect outfit and good gifts for an upcoming holiday get-together with friends when we happened to pass by The Bodyshop (sale or no sale, I always have to duck inside and look around, enjoy the smell, satisfy my curiosity) and saw bright red signs screaming 50% off. Of course I pulled my sister inside the store. A sales representative immediately approached and informed us of the two-day only sale for certain products priced at 50%. I was finally able to make a dent in my holiday to-do list, and buy myself a few things to give my skin some much-needed TLC.

Here’s what I bought for my friends:

Shower Gel: Vanilla Chai, Wild Argan Oil, Olive, Frosted Plum, Shea Wheatgrass Fixing Gel | Strawberry Softening Body Butter


You can ask for gift bags upon check out, too. The buy one, get one promo isn’t month-long, but you can still enjoy the holiday sale until December 25.

I just love the convenience of getting my Christmas shopping done in one place. Start (or finish) yours at The Bodyshop! It’s more than worth it.


Bridezilla Recommends: Hair + Makeup

Preparing for a wedding has to be the most nerve-wracking thing ever. At least that’s how it feels. I got engaged May of 2015, but we didn’t start with the preparations until the later half of 2016 so you can imagine how pressured and stressed out I was. Juggling two jobs, going on meetings with vendors, making follow ups, requesting for updates, name it, I had to manage it all. In my attempt to “take care of everything,” I overlooked one thing – taking care of myself. What a nightmare for a bride-to-be, seeing the effects of the chaos manifest on her complexion and aura. Thankfully, I already booked a hair and make-up artist who I knew could work his magic and somehow conceal the traces that stress left on my face (we’re talking dark circles under the eyes, white heads, and dry skin).

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