Bridezilla Recommends: Hair + Makeup

Preparing for a wedding has to be the most nerve-wracking thing ever. At least that’s how it feels. I got engaged May of 2015, but we didn’t start with the preparations until the later half of 2016 so you can imagine how pressured and stressed out I was. Juggling two jobs, going on meetings with vendors, making follow ups, requesting for updates, name it, I had to manage it all. In my attempt to “take care of everything,” I overlooked one thing – taking care of myself. What a nightmare for a bride-to-be, seeing the effects of the chaos manifest on her complexion and aura. Thankfully, I already booked a hair and make-up artist who I knew could work his magic and somehow conceal the traces that stress left on my face (we’re talking dark circles under the eyes, white heads, and dry skin).

Justine and I go way back. We used to work for a Korean online English teaching company. I had no idea then that he was such a creative and passionate individual. Some few years later, thanks to social media, I learned about his career as a hair and make-up artist. Based on before and after photos, I could tell he had the ability to bring out a person’s best features without overdoing it.  He had a way of really boosting a girl’s confidence and making her feel beautiful. His clients seemed to have a glow about them, something I knew I badly needed for the big day.

I sent him a message, made a few inquiries, and after a few days, decided to finalize everything and book his services for both the prenuptial shoot and wedding day. He was willing to help with more than just my hair and make-up, too – he even helped me search for the perfect venue for a photo shoot. Since everything seemed “rushed,” the week before the shoot felt even more toxic, which, as you guessed, immediately took a toll on my moods, my schedule, and (shallow as this may sound) my skin. I remember Justine sent me a message a couple of days before the shoot to confirm the time, date, and venue, and after giving him the details, I mentioned how stressed out I was and how it affected my self-esteem. All he told me was to get some rest and, “Ako bahala.

While I may not be an expert at working the angles, I did feel better thanks to Justine. He’s the type who would gamely answer questions especially about the products he uses (which, by the way, are all high-end, original make-up, including clean, disinfected brushes), and he enjoys laughing as much as the next person.

As someone who loves make-up but does not know how to expertly apply it, I was more than happy (and impressed) with the looks he chose for the prenuptial shoot:

During the shoot, I knew I was in good hands. Working with him and chatting with him made me look forward to the big day more. He knew which shades would best complement my skin tone, how to subtly mask the blemishes, and he knew which features to play up.

What I also love is his professionalism. He’s transparent and respects the client’s preferences. He arrives early, is always well-prepared, and most importantly, cheerful and a whole lot of fun to be with. The morning of my big day, I woke up with my stomach in knots but he kept making me laugh and reminding me to stay calm.

He nailed the perfect bridal look for a summer wedding:


Justine made the biggest day of my life extra special. He played up what people fondly call the “bridal glow” and made sure I looked good throughout the day. He took one look at the dress, the shoes, and the bouquet and tied all the elements together with his magic. It’s no surprise he’s always fully booked.



Thank you, Justine. ❤

You’ll definitely want to make Justine part of every occasion. Get in touch with him through the following numbers:


You may see more of his work here:

Instagram: makeupbyjustinecastillo


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