December 28, 2016

Around this time last year, I promised to be more diligent in updating my blog and to fill it with as much compelling content as possible. A few months into fulfilling that promise and I impulsively decided to delete all the entries right at the moment I realized they were all singing tunes of the past. Writing has always been my outlet but sometimes, it tends to hold me back, most especially when I zone out and unknowingly allow myself to be carried by the current of past experiences. During more serious conversations on life and learning, I always reiterate how essential our past experiences are in shaping us. However, it’s quite different when, instead of looking back with fondness and gratitude, we instead become restless and dwell on what could have been done and how the present would be had things transpired differently. That is precisely why I decided to wipe out everything and start fresh. For the nth time, I am starting with a clean slate. Isn’t it beautiful how we have countless opportunities to begin again?

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